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Mono remote debugging from Visual Studio


I would like to remote debug a C# console application running on Linux from Visual Studio. Here's what I found so far:


The Mono runtime implements a debugging interface that allows debuggers and IDEs to debug managed code. This is called the Soft Debugger and is supported by both MonoDevelop, Xamarin Studio and Visual Studio (when the appropriate plugins are installed) as well as the command line SDB client.

Mono provides an API to communicate with the debugger and create your own debugging UIs via the Mono.Debugger.Soft.dll assembly.

The page below discusses some issues of the current MonoVS debugger implementation, but they are all fine with me.


The page also links to the Getting started guide for MonoVS:


Which contains a download link for MonoTools:


However, the download link now redirects to:


Where I'm offered to download Xamarin Studio Starter Edition. Clicking the Pricing link I see that I need at least the Business edition for Visual Studio Support, at $999 per year. Well, no thank you.

This is where I'm stuck. Some specifics of my environment:

Development environment:

  • Windows 7 64-bit
  • Visual Studio Pro 2013 (might use 2010 if that works better)

Target environment:

  • Raspberry Pi
  • Raspbian Wheezy
  • Mono 3.2.8
  • Running console application over SSH

I know it an old thread but just in case anyone (like me) didn't found a solution for that yet, searching today, I found this Visual Studio 2015 extension which works like a charm: MonoRemoteDebugger for Visual Studio 2015

See MonoRemoteDebugger v1.0.4 to fix conflict with Xamarin VS extension on VS2015 update2.

I hope it helps.

Have a happy debugging and thanks to the developer! :)

The solution that you need is coming this year with MonoDebugger.NET. The developer(s) "promises" that we can deploy to any Mono device, and debug it within Visual Studio (2010 to 2015).



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